I remember all the conversations that I wanted to have after my father passed away when I was 24 years old.

WHO AM I is the book that I wish my father had left for me, as a guide to help me navigate through life.

WHO AM I is a poetic journey of my life experiences, and how those life experiences impacted and molded me into the man I am today.

I am Todd William Fredrick Hunter, Sr…And I am on a mission to leave this world a better place than how I found it.

I believe with all my heart that an open mind, will find an open door, so turn the page and explore more. Welcome to my poetic journey, and the world of narrative poetry.


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When I look back over my history, I’ve often wondered how the trauma of slavery has manifested itself within our cultural journey since the first slave ship arrived in 1619. I wonder how it has affected me and my experience with Black love. Over 15 years ago, Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. Today, I’m bringing Black love back.

I believe the way that I need to approach doing this is by exploring love, relationships, and how we treat one another. Then tell it like it is from a man’s perspective. I understand that love does not come with a play book or instructions, but somehow, we are supposed to know how to recognize it and know how to participate in it without any prior knowledge or instruction. It is my hope and prayer that, I Love Our Rhythm, So Fuck The Blues, take you on a fantastic journey and become a helpful tool to assist everyone in restoring Black love.”

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