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Gregory Washington

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To the world,


This is the vibe.


I can remember TWFH making beats with a pencil and hand on the desk going back to high school and I bet he has no idea I knew about that. After years without seeing him, he invited me to his home when I was visiting home after I moved away. Of course he wanted me to hear some of his new beats he created. A creation he envisioned using a keyboard to layer sounds upon sounds, beats upon beats. All I could say was damn… Ok! Life happens, and I hadn’t talked to him for a few years but reconnected. Now he is creating spoken word and subsequently published a book of hot word play. I may not have been the first to think of combining his beats with his words but I must say I encouraged the hell out it. I had the pleasure of receiving song after song to critique and was happy to do it. I may not have any musical talent but I know good music when I hear it. We were roommates in college so I know he remembers my cassette collection. I always had the new new.


So he sends me some tracks combining beats and words… Acid poetry he called it, and he comes to Charlotte for some studio sessions and I get to see how it comes together. This shit is all fire… Of course its the name of the book, “ Fuck the Blues” is the title of the book. It is also my favorite track and I told him that months ago.


Congrats my brotha! You put this together and it’s genius. I can’t wait to see you share this with the world and I have no doubt it will be all positive.


Your brotha forever and much love,


Gregory David Washington

Physician Assistant-C

Cherie Jenkins

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The work of Todd William Fredrick Hunter is priceless! His work of art in the form of music with a splash of poetry is inimitable, sensual, tantalizing & melodic. And YES, I do mean all of the above. We have all had those life lessons that either make us or break us - lessons that can manipulate truth in our own realities or for the sole purpose of sheer appreciation, its good to have those lessons put into perspective in rhythm. Whether its love, hurt, pain, humor, a journey back through time or even an alternate reality - Sit back, relax and grab a glass of wine while being pulled into another realm of this thing we call life. Thank you for sharing this prolific talent of yours!


Cherie Jenkins

Pharmaceutical Sales

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