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Erika Danyell Jackson, Elementary Educator


I Love Our Rhythm, So FU#k the Blues takes you on an exciting journey through our history and how it continues to affect us in our daily lives, as well as, on our search for true love, self-love and romantic love. Todd William Fredrick Hunter’s perspective on love and life is amazing! This book is not only informative regarding how to maintain a healthy relationship, but also indicates many historical factors that may hinder its growth. The truth and realness of this creative writing will draw you in and you won’t be able to put it down! This book was excellent and will serve as a great conversation piece for men and women to start to explore their relationship questions and Black love. Magnificent! Outstanding! A must read!

DeShawn Hawkins, Retired Insurance Broker/Manager of Service Operations

DeShawn Hawkins.jpg

Many times, we read books because we must. Well if you are an African American Male or Female, you must read “I LOVE OUR RHYTHM, SO FU#K THE BLUES”. This is a poetic enlightening book that provides great insight into the Black male/female dynamic. Since coming to this country over 400 years ago, unwillingly. Lasting effects and continued supremacy tactics are still working to keep African Americans weak as families and as loving couples. Black men and Black women, this is a must read to help us get over this hurdle!

Yolonda Legette, Management Support

Yolonda Legette,.jpg

This book was a phenomenal read.  It was very intriguing, I couldn’t get enough and so excited for the next chapter and the chapter after that.  The book was very eye opening and reminded me of our ancestors and how they were treated.  Knowing this has made me reflect on my own life when it comes to relationships.  I believe in Black Love and yes it does exist.  I want “The Man of the Year”.

#This is a must read   #bestseller

Jackie Humphrey Wyatt, Administrative Assistant, Ophthalmologist Technician & Personal Assistant

Jackie Humphrey Wyatt.jpg

From the beginning to the end of this book was wonderful not only the spoken words but they were felt deep down inside every chapter has a story and what better way to put it on paper I am Amazed how each chapter captured something that you’ve been through going through or knew somebody who went through it it’s an overall good read


This one here is a must read for everyone

Cherie Jenkins, Pharmaceutical Sales

Cherie Jenkins,.jpg

This book is a phenomenal conversation piece! There is truth behind the madness that will have you thinking. It’s  a blueprint and checklist for love, heartache & pain - real life experiences! To know the author is to love and have the utmost respect for him! His willingness to be candid as well as vulnerable throughout the book allowed for a beautifully relatable transformation in this thing we call LIFE! These are life lessons - with apology and heart felt dictation. He shares his knowledge and understanding as well as experiences in this masterpiece that can enrich the readers’ life and views in a different way. His words are powerful and to hear about his  rhythmic journey will take you to the point where you can’t put the book down! You may laugh, you may cry, you may feel hurt and pain, you may even get angry, but it is definitely a must read! I read it in a few days and it definitely gave me a different perspective on life! This book will have you thinking about family, friends, politics, life lessons.. and the WHAT IF’s..if you have an open mind and want to take a journey - READ THIS BOOK. We live life not always making the right decisions - we have some regrets but how often do you step back to fix it? Read it and pass it along! It’s time we support each other!

Lavelle Sullivan/ IBEW Journeymen Electrician

Lavelle Sullivan.jpg

When I first met Todd William Frederick Hunter, Sr. as a young man at 19 years old on the campus of Akron University, there has always been something special and unique about him as a person. Todd has always been very creative and innovative, which has always made him stand above others. I've seen Todd grow and mature into the man he is today.


I've been around him as he has moved through the many stages of life, the different careers that he has ventured through, and each time he has risen to become the cream on the top of whatever he has put his mind to.


Here again, we stand with Todd as he has published his second book. I can only say that I am proud of him for his writings and the way that he has portrayed himself by allowing us to see his strengths and weaknesses 

which helps prove points in his stories. He has opened himself up and masterfully intertwined a story of his life adventures for us to use to help us to get back to a point of Black Love, Black understanding and to start conversations of healing within male/female relationships, male/male relationships as well as self healing.


This book is awesome, it has given me something to share with my wife by directing me to talk about different topics that I may not have addressed before. This book should be in the library, in schools, in beauty salons, barbershops and on the counter of your home for those times that you can sit down and read a chapter out of it.


It will invoke meaningful conversation amongst Black people, it will help direct us towards paths of Black love, self love, and fulfillment of our destiny. This book can be used as a BLUEPRINT for those things! I believe that it should be shared between as many people as possible and talked about at dinner tables.


By the way, it's filled with great poetry, a great storyline and a great meaning of purpose for the Black community. I've been around this man my whole adult life and I love this brother! I think this is something that he has put together for us for the masses and has done it masterfully.

Sydney Murff-Davis talent Consultant

Sydney Murf.jpg

This is the most PROFOUND book that I’ve read, hands down!

Best Seller Worthy!!!

Author Todd William Fredrick Hunter, Sr., left no stone unturned when it comes to the mental and physical breakdown within Black communities and Black love.  His transparency makes you, as the reader, dig deeper and evaluate your behavior or contribution to all failed relationships, whether it’s work, friendships, family or love.

Every chapter raises a different level of consciousness from religion, racism, self-worth, self-afflictions, the breakdown in the family homes, economics, the effect of drugs and violence in our communities, the disconnect from our culture to the history of how Black people were/are treated.  And finally, the hatred towards Black men in society.

In this book, the author gets down to the core of each epidemic by examining those seeds that were planted since childhood.

In my experience, forgiveness and acceptance is the beginning of your healing journey.  Spending time doing shadow work, self-reflecting, acknowledgment of one’s toxic traits and choices, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, addressing past traumas head on helps you to realize that in order to ascend, one must let go of things that no longer serve you.

That’s what it means to be truly free and this book exemplifies all of the above….


And now that you’ve healed and have nothing to lose, it’s time to Love the Rhythm and FU#K the Blues!

The melodic acid poems are funky and spicy, yet informative at the same time, with such a great flow!!

Last but not least, even though your little stink Kennedy isn’t here in the flesh, know that she’s an active spirit and the motivation that keeps you going.


Love & LIght,

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