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Kimberly Durant Morris


Reading " Who AM I" by Todd William Fredrick Hunter

I can't put it down 

Hurry up and get your copy...

Tracy Meadows


This tee is so dope, and the book is amazing.

Simone Beasley


I purchased this book expecting it just to be a poetry book however, it is more than that! It is poetry at its finest!! A journey, an insight and a outlook on a man who has overcame life experiences. It made me laugh and shed a couple tears! I loved this book and will definitely send a copy to my son who is stationed in Alaska!! Awesome job Todd! Get your copy SOON!!!

Sherry Shields


Wearing my t-shirt from the book signing of author "Todd William Fredrick Hunter ",and here is the book. Get a copy. It's  a great read. The name of book is called," Who Am I". I know I am a Queen, I am she!!

Veda Brown


.This is a brilliantly written - must buy.  A totally intoxicating read where you took pain into perseverance into passion. Thanks for your gift, Todd. Wow.

Dee Mills


My personal journey started today with the question only I CAN ANSWER. Thanx for my Push T. Man.

Shelley Cooley-Banks


In support of my 1040 Fam…..I don’t even enjoy reading in my leisure time and I received it about 5:30am this morning and I’m already half way through it! I didn’t get to stand by you in a personal photo…but I support you. Todd…this will bless many 10404life

Damon Hairbyhim Drummond



Megan Edison


So…I’m reading this book by a long time friend of mine and I must say “Bravo!”  Not only does it showcase his talent in poetry, but also his brilliance in story telling. This is a book about the authors journey in life and growth. Despite this being a book about his life, WE can all relate to it and even grow from his lessons. The book is an easy read and there is something for everyone in it. If you are struggling with anything and want another perspective on the situation, I urge you to read. Or if you just want see growth through someone else’s eyes, please read.  great job my friend, @twfhunter

Claudia Davis


FBF!!! Akron has produced another great poet and author William Fredrick 'Who Am I" known to us as Todd William Fredrick Hunter


.This book is thought provoking, soul searching, speaks to your younger self and captivating. There are several aha moments and the poetry touches your soul. " I'm your addiction baby" and "Be careful who you choose" spoke to me.

Tonya Bambi Tillman


I’m so excited!!! I received my book today!! I absolutely loved the first chapter!!! Touched my heart!! I feIt every thought he put into his words!!!  Thanks Todd William Fredrick Hunter!!!  I knew this book would be. 

Darla Payne


This Phenomenal man right here Blessed my entire evening by personally delivering his first masterpiece to my front door.  "Yes Todd William Fredrick Hunter i said first because I know God is going to continue to pour out of the storehouse of blessings that he's placed in you!  #mybrotherblackbrother #wegotyou

Joanna Henderson


Who Am I, a poetic journey is a book that exquisitely tackles a range of topics. Love, friendship, racism, education, death, transformation, faith, etc. It has something for everyone. I couldn’t put it down. I guess Love is also my thing.     


Best sellers material.

Joseph Olivera


There's a lot of voices in this world but far too often those of color and mixed cultural backgrounds are either silenced or ignored. The current political and economic climate has shined a light on how we perceive each other and not in a good way. Mostly from a lack of interpersonal experience or cultivated prejudice taught early on. A book such as Todd's is what is very much needed today and for future generations. Especially for young men of all types, their struggles aren't unique but can be overcome. I highly recommend this book to those who would like to look through a different lense and learn what others experience to make oneself more open to tolerance, compassion, and patience. Regardless of status, we all strive for our piece of the pie and hope to find peace along the way. Definitely 5 stars! - @JAOpictures

Laura Welch


I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this book.  I’m am very pleased I got it.  The poetry is awesome and hits on some serious life issues.  Thanks William Fredrick

Derek Walker


…An extremely raw, but insightful writing about the life of a handsome young man growing up in a small town.  He learns the ups and downs of life, recognizing the difference between, what people expected him to be, versus what he turned out to be.  His poetry is unusually personal, which gives the reader an opportunity to find his own interpretation of how life could have been.

DeShawn Hawkins


This is a writing style for the fast working minds of young intelligent people with a lot of questions about living and growing. Unique and Poetic! Women who want to know what intelligent men think, read this! Sad, Funny, and Eye Opening. Black men and women have some growing and maturing to do despite the obstacles. A call to unite Black men and women! Excellent! Better than Steve Harvey's book!

Cheryl ' Suitelady' Dunlap 

unnamed (11).jpg

I have known William Frederick since our days as co-host on the Soul Suite Radio show on WRLR 98.3Fm; therefore, I thought his book would be a cleverly witty, tearful rearview mirror reflection of his life.  Nevertheless, this book is a heartfelt, straight up, no chaser dose of his life’s experiences. What I was unprepared for, was the digestive issues, and the heartburn I would feel.  Truthfully, this book was hard to read, and I put it down several times.   


As William Fredrick effortlessly discloses the depths of his personal evolution and reconciliation.  An oasis of feelings surfaced while reading about his interactions with women. His words felt like a tough love letter to women exposing our misconceptions about dating and relationships.

You may not agree with all of his sentiments, however this level of transparency requires courage. William Fredricks pours it on every line, like a beverage that goes down hard. 


Get ready, Who AM I, invites you to synchronize your rearview mirror, as he curates an artistically vivid, and unapologetic mini movie on paper.

Lavelle Velly Vel Sullivan


WHO AM I is a well written, very enjoyable and inspiring journey filled with awesome poetry. With every turn of the page it captivates you romantically, intellectually, culturally and socially. Definingly empowering! William Fredrick is a modern-day Renaissance man whose book takes you on a deep insightful path of how he became to know who he is. This book is beset with romance, inspiration, and insight into the complexities of a black man. And his writings only wet the intellectual pallid as to what his future endeavors may bring us.

Coach Alecia N. Johnson, Income Strategist


If it’s a quick and easy read that you are looking for, then you may want to keep browsing—Todd Hunter’s “WHO AM I” is one of those written masterpieces that you’ll find yourself reading, and then re-reading as you consume each bite and savor every word. I found Todd’s level of transparency shocking—yet refreshing all at the same time. Few authors have the audacity to reveal the hidden words of their heart, while authentically taking the reader on a journey deep within the inner soul of a man. Todd, I consider it an honor to have played a collaborative role in the early development of your written work; as the words that come out of your mouth are absolutely astonishing!  This is truly your God-given gift and I can say with full confidence; this is only the beginning; the best is yet to come.

Terri D/ Samders




I am blown away.  I am so glad Mr. Rufus sent you my way.  I hung on every thought and your writing made me think…thank you for sharing and keeping it 100 in your poetry and in life.  May you keep writing and leading in life…and living abundantly.  I am better after looking through your eyes of WHO AM I…


Thank you Todd for sharing your soul.  In this book, you have shared so others can benefit from your life experiences and  have a clue how to be better, make choices, and chose to live life…life has its twists and turns and you have flipped the script, made lemonade, and you are  drinking from the porch of LOVE as you continue to live on purpose.  Thank you for visiting my office.  I will forever be thankful for working late and meeting you.  May we all find out for ourselves in  “WHO AM I” and live abundant lives.  I will from this moment forward employ the 7EVEN PEACEKEEPERS in my mind and in my life…You nailed it.

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